Investment castings have been traditionally used for applications requiring exceptional accuracy, thin wall capability, complexity and fine detail reproduction. From Jewelry to medical implants & aerospace to heavy engineering components, this process has evolved due to both, market demand as well as technology advancements. At Hi-CON, we believe in early involvement and working with customer to attain maximum value from the investment castings process. We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff who are willing to go that extra mile in creating innovative ideas thru conceptual designs. Any assistance needed ranging from a simple tolerance review to the full scale concurrent engineering is available at our site.

Regardless of complexity, almost any metal part can be produced as one-piece configurations, which are inherently strong in all directions. Many part features which are especially difficult to machine, such as cams, grooves, bosses, holes and slots, can be readily produced by the Investment Casting Process.

Coring of internal configuration not possible with other manufacturing processes is readily cast in the investment casting process. A thin wall capability and stronger and lighter weight alloys to achieve the same part properties are available through investment castings. With investment casting process, you can switch from one metal to another (ferrous or non-ferrous) and back again, keeping in mind some dimensional variances may occur with same dies/toolings. Since investment castings minimize machining, you can upgrade materials to attain higher mechanical properties. Whenever you have a project that requires metal components, Hi-CON can provide the investment casting value engineering service to make your product a success. We encourage you to take advantage of our competence level.