Jan. 2015
NORSOK M650 Edition 4 certification There’s a beautiful quote by Lakeisha M. Williams

“A true leader never stops being a student, Always learning, improving. We don’t listen to KNOW-IT-ALLS"

We truly believe in the above quote. As we always strive hard to achieve something more than what we have. The latest being the approval of NORSOK certification.

We are pleased to announce that we have been accredited NORSOK M650 Edition 4 certification by TUV for the materials listed below;

1. ASTM A351 Gr. CF3M (DIN 1.4409)
2. ASTM A351 Gr. CF8M (DIN 1.4408)
3. ASTM A216 Gr. WCB (DIN 1.0619)
4. ASTM A995 Gr. 4A (DIN 1.4462)
5. ASTM A995 Gr. 5A (DIN 1.4410)
6. ASTM A995 Gr. 6A (DIN 1.4501)
7. ASTM A494 Gr. CW6MC (DIN 2.4856)
Nov. 2014
First time in the history of Investment Casting 178.0 Kg. Ball Valve Body Developed in CW6MC (Inconel 625) Material.We take this opportunity in announcing the development of 4” #2500 Ball Valve Body weighing 178.0 Kg. in CW6MC (Inconel 625) Material.

We presume that it is the first time in the history of Investment Casting. Such a heavy weight casting has been developed in India.

With a remarkable 13% savings over the Sand Casting weight & additional savings of machining time & Cost, this has become a blue-eyed part in the Valve Industry.

Special thanks to our customer for instilling trust in us & giving us an opportunity to develop such a massive part by Investment Casting process.
May 2015
Best Supplier Award. We are very much delighted that Hi-CON has won the Best Supplier Award for the year 2014. We highly value our relationship with our customers and this award is a testimony to our customer focused approach.
Jan. 2016
Hi-CON receives Best Supplier Award As part of our overall commitment for quality, delivery and support to the customer, our customer recognized our efforts with the best Supplier Award 2015.

This would not only be due to real teamwork in the heart of the company, but also to the transparent and regular exchange of thought with customer. For this, we would like to thank them.